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Northeast Soapbox Build Series

In advance of the 2021 Soapbox Races in Montague and Greenfield, Mik Muller, Ben Goldsher and Ben Mailloux created a series of videos as they built a cart for Hawks & Reed to enter into the two races.

Episode 1, Building the Hawks & Reed Cart with Half Pint Homes

Mik Muller videos and advises Ben Goldsher and Ben Mailloux build a three-wheeled soapbox cart for the 2021 Greenfield and Montague Soapbox Races. Cart will be entered by Hawks & Reed with the major support from Half Pint Homes and Montague WebWorks. This is the first episode in the 2021 series, leading up to and including both races.

Northeast Soapbox Cart Build Episode 2

Mik picks up spare bikes and parts from his friend Veronica and brings them to Ben Mailloux's Half Pint Homes shop to help Ben Goldsher build a cart for Hawks & Reed to enter into both the Montague and Greenfield soapbox races in September.

Scenes of cutting and planning ensue.