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New Race: Bernardston, MA, Soapbox Races!

Saturday, July 14, 2012, 12:00 pm until 03:00 pm -- check-in starts at 9:00.

This race is part of the town's 250th anniversary celebration. As such, it may be the ONLY YEAR this race happens. Make sure you're registered! $25 per entry. Based loosely on the Montague, MA, rules.

The track is Hucklehill Road. About a half-mile of down-hill fun... possibly even longer. They haven't set the start and end, but we're told that cars can reach speeds of about 50mph from a dead-stop at the top.

They are still working out the details, and we will send more news as it comes in.


Official Bernardston Soapbox website:

Google map of the hill, in "terrain" view.