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Montague Soapbox Build Party

man on soapbox cart he's building

Sunday, August 15, 10:00 am until 12:30 pm
Across the street from Nova Motorcycles, 2nd Street, Turners Falls, MA

Bring your cart parts or nearly-completed cart to the Soapbox Race Build Party in Turners Falls and automotive experts will be on hand with tools to help! There may be extra supplies like pieces of left-over lumber and bike parts.

As there will be other people coming and parking is limited, please use a pickup truck if possible, rather than a trailer.

Any and all parts or supplies that you bring with you MUST be taken with you when you leave. Absolutely no leaving of anything behind unless previously arranged.

This is a free event being sponsored by Nova Motorcycles, Northeast Soapbox Association, and the Montague Soabox committee.

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